Food Preservation

Canning & Pickling
For many local families, canning food is a long-standing tradition. Whether you are canning your summer caught tuna, your fresh, hand picked berry preserves, or delicious homemade pickles, we have everything you need to get everything canned and into your pantry! First time canning? No problem! You can start the tradition today!

Jerky, Smoked Fish, and Ribs come to mind when most people think of the capabilities of a traditional smoker, what most fail to realize is that with a smoker, the possibilities are endless! Smoking your foods not only preserves them, but it also adds a unique flavor that can’t be beat! That smokey flavor translates well to many different flavor combinations. Take a look at some innovative and creative treats that can come out of your smoker!

Smoked Barley & Grains for a Sweet Smoked Stout – Goes great with our awesome Beer Kits!
Smoked Tomatoes for delicious salsas, hot and cold soups!
Smoked Peppers – think Chipotles!
Smoked Hard Boiled Eggs – to add a new and exciting flavor to your favorite salads!
Smoked Garlic Cloves – great in sauces and spreads!
Smoked Salt – You can add a little smokiness anywhere!
Smoked Potatoes – Forget the bacon! Smoked potatoes adds the flavor without the calories!
Smoked Fruits – Delicious smoked plums and vanilla bean ice cream!

Smoking really concentrates the flavor of all of these delicious foods
and can add a new dimension to your dining options at home
and for entertaining!

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