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Four Generations of History and Change

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Lights for Life Christmas Light Recycling Program

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Growing Grapes

An ever increasing number of gardeners start growing their own grapes and building their own vineyards. The fact of so many are now actively involved in this hobby and are growing grapes successfully is not without reason. First of all, many new grapes varieties are now available to make growing your own vineyard a lot easier than it was before. See More >


Gardening Tips from Our Customers

We ran a contest to see who would submit our favorite garden tip. Gail Friedlander won a pallet of landscaping blocks with the following tip: See More >


A Different Case for Raw Food

by Scott Freeman, Founder of Nature’s Logic
The case has been made for many years now about the health benefits of raw food. In a nutshell, feeding a raw diet in most cases, creates the following benefits: See More >


Make Homemade Jam

Make Homemade Jam In Less Than 30 Minutes with Ball® Simple Creations® Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin See More >


How to Protect Dogs From The ‘Dog Days’ of Summer

Few things can be as refreshing as a quick dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Summer humidity can get to almost anyone, including the family dog. But while most members of the family can dive into the pool or take a cold shower to cool off, man’s best friend isn’t so lucky. See More >


Don't Get Burned by Grilling Myths

Are you ready to get cooking? Grilling is a staple of summertime entertainment, and some people even grill 12 months a year. As long as grilling has been around, myths have circulated about this popular means to preparing a meal. Let’s set the record straight.

Myth: You have to clean the grill right after cooking. See More >


Bath Mold and Mildew Solutions

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