From nuts & bolts to power tools, we can help you find exactly what you need for the job at hand, along with some advice if you need it.  All stores stock Craftsman Tools with the Raymond,  Aberdeen and Elma stocking a larger assortment.

We still do hardware the old way! We still cut screen, hardware cloth, carpet runners, rope, and wire by the foot!

Need some keys cut? No problem! We cut single and double sided keys! Aberdeen also cuts “Chip” keys.

When you step into our Hardware section you are sure to be impressed by our Great Wall of Nuts and Bolts! Where else can you still buy one bolt or nut at a time? Expect the best in quality and service at your local, hometown Dennis Company.

We carry brands that you know and trust and we have friendly,
knowledgeable, and experienced staff to help you find what you need and even give you tips on how to get the job done!

Check out some of the great brands we carry!