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Eureka offers a wide selection of floor and vacuum cleaners, including canister vacuums, upright vacuums, handheld and stick vacuums, and steamers for chemical-free cleaning.

Upright vacuums from Eureka offer powerful motors and many can be used on carpets, hard floors or both.

Eureka bagless canister vacuums offer lots of variety when it comes to accessories.

Lightweight bagless vacuums from Eureka offer the performance of upright vacuums with the convenience of smaller vacuums and stick vacuum models.

Eureka lightweight steam vacuum line is designed for chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing of hard floor surfaces.

By removing dirt, dust and allergy causing particles it also cleans the air your family breathes.

Genuine Eureka vacuum accessories are made to our exact specification, with an emphasis on quality, performance and customer satisfaction.