Pet Friendly Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and many pet owners will hit the great outdoors with their four-legged friends. To make sure that you and your pets have a safe, fun-filled Labor Day weekend, keep these quick tips in mind:

Stock up your pet’s beach bag! Pets can get sunburns too! Be sure to apply a pet-friendly sunscreen, or baby sunscreen if you can’t find pet sunscreen. If you’re enjoying the lake river or surf this weekend, make sure to pack a doggy life jacket to keep your pet safe.  Click here for some great boating safety tips for pets.

Keep the grill “humans-only.” Although it’s tempting to slip pets a few goodies from the grill, animals can experience a bad case of an upset stomach if owners indulge them in their own BBQ feast. Try some treats from Blue Buffalo

Bugs Bug Fido Too! Don’t forget the insect repellent, heartworm is contracted by mosquitoes. Make sure to use a pet-friendly repellent as well — products containing DEET can lead to vomiting and even neurological problems in animals.

Keep cool! Signs your pet may be suffering from heatstroke: excessive panting, profuse salivation, glazed eyes or staring, anxiety or restlessness, gums and tongue that appear bright red or purple, confusion, trouble standing or walking, collapse, and vomiting.

If you suspect that your pet is suffering from heatstroke, try to cool him down by soaking him with towels and water and placing him in front of a fan, if possible. Then contact your veterinarian immediately.

Leave Spot Home on Warm Days or Bring Them to Dennis Company! We think this goes without saying but please DO NOT leave your dog in the car! Your pets are welcome at all our Dennis Company locations! So on those warm days bring Fido in for a treat! Follow this link for more information on the subject from our friends at the South Pacific County Human Society.

Follow this link for some great tips from Blue Buffalo on keeping your pet safe and healthy during the summer.

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